How to pick up quickly a good and inexpensive hand cream
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How to pick up quickly a good and inexpensive hand cream


What does the skin of your hands need to look well-groomed and stay young? Moisturizing, nutrition, protection. Unfortunately, one hand cream is not capable of combining these factors. Judge for yourself – it is advisable to apply a moisturizer after each contact of the hand skin with water. It is a light texture liquid hand cream that absorbs quickly without residue. Nourishing hand cream is recommended to be applied for a night. It is thicker and fatter, absorbed rather slowly. As you can see, these are two fundamentally different products. As for the protection of the hand skin, both creams can perform this function.

How to buy hand cream with an effective composition?

Decide on the task that the cream should perform - nourish, moisturize, rejuvenate, protect from UV rays, wind and cold. Consider your skin type and pay attention to the composition of the product. It is desirable that the cream contains natural ingredients. They have a complex effect and often combine several functions at one. For example, vitamin E nourishes, regenerates, removes dryness and improves the skin`s natural barrier at once.

Natural oils, fatty acids and plant extracts can provide deep skin nourishment. Glycerin, vitamins, and carbamide will give you intensive hydration. Do not be afraid of silicones in the composition, they create a protective barrier on the hand skin against moisture loss. Choose a light, unobtrusive natural scent; this product contains less fragrance. Be especially picky about the composition if you have hypersensitivity to any ingredients in cosmetics.

Why is it better to buy hand creams online rather than in a store?

First, before making a purchase on the Internet, there is an opportunity to look through the reviews of real buyers. The main thing to remember is that even a great product cannot have only positive responses. What`s perfect for one person may not be for another. Focus on facts, not on subjective assessment: liked/disliked.

Secondly, you can compare prices for cream on different sites and not overpay. Don`t forget, when buying a highly advertised product, you are paying not only for the product itself, but also for the brand`s advertising. A good cream cannot be cheap, but it is not necessary to overpay for a well-known brand. Follow the advice above and it will help you choose the very best cream that suits your expectations.

How to pick up quickly a good and inexpensive hand cream
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