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Facial cosmetics for the spring-summer period: what`s worth special attention


After winter stresses due to cold, wind and frost, the skin may look dull and irritated. Spring brings a new stressful surprise - the sun. The sun's rays dry out and burn the skin, shorten the epidermis youthfulness period and increase the risk of melanoma. That is why during the period of active sun it is imperative to use protective cosmetic products.  

Each cosmetic bag must have an SPF cream

It is recommended that the face cosmetics you choose for the spring or summer contain SPF protection. SPF will help to avoid dryness, irritation, protect against photoaging and the negative effects of UV rays on the skin. First, we are talking about creams with a protective factor. To buy facial cosmetics with SPF protection, go to the section "for face and body" on the naturemed.ua site and select your skin type.

This section presents moisturizers with all-season UV protection that are suitable as a primer. UV protection is just as important for aged skin as it is for young skin, which is why the anti-aging day cosmetics for the face presented on our website also contain a protective factor, namely SPF-10.

High-quality facial cosmetics for the spring period should moisturize

Hydration is vital for our skin during the hot season. In the spring-summer period, the skin is actively losing water, and cosmetic products help to compensate for this deficiency. Natural facial cosmetics, containing moisturizing ingredients, additionally provide nourishment and renewal of the skin so that the face radiates freshness. Therefore, choose creams, serums and fluids that contain natural active ingredients.

In a warm period, the skin becomes oily faster, but you should not dry it with alcohol-containing products. These products will not help eliminate oily sheen, but, on the contrary, will enhance it, increasing the activity of the sebaceous glands. To remove excess oil, you can use matting agents: tonics, creams, napkins, powder.

A few words about the importance of texture in cosmetic products

Popular facial cosmetics available today come in a variety of textures: from oil-rich creams, saturated serums to light fluids. For the spring-summer season, it is better to focus on light textures. Such products are quickly absorbed and do not leave a greasy film. They work well as a primer, so the light texture of the cosmetic is ideal for day care. For nighttime care, you can use products with a dense texture, such as nourishing creams or apply rejuvenating serums.



Facial cosmetics for the spring-summer period: what`s worth special attention
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