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Why do we need intimate hygiene products and what are their differenes?

The habit of taking care of the skin of the face has become an integral part of the life of modern women. Jars, tubes and bottles of various shapes and sizes, designed to preserve beauty and youth, have flooded bathrooms for a long time. The culture of caring of skin of the body is also gaining momentum, but when it comes to intimate hygiene, many are sure that special products are not needed for this purpose. Let's figure it out if regular soap and shower gel are enough, or   you need some kind of special antibacterial cleanser  

Why do women need intimate hygiene products?

The skin in this area is thin, delicate and sensitive. Choosing soap to cleanse it, you can obtain irritation, dryness, itching and redness. And what is even worse is the fact that you can disrupt the acid-base balance and microflora, which weakens the natural defense against infections and brings tangible discomfort. The natural pH level in the intimate area ranges from 3.5 to 4.5. Maintaining this indicator within the normal range is an important factor in the neutralization of pathogenic microorganisms that cause the development of bacterial and fungal infections, for example, candidosis and bacterial vaginosis. Slightly acidic pH helps maintain the natural balance of microflora, in which "good" bacteria prevail over disease-causing. A special product, for example, a gel for the intimate area, helps to cleanse the skin and mucous membranes without disturbing the acid-base balance and microflora composition. Removes a specific odor and cares for delicate skin and mucous membranes.  

What are the products for woman hygiene?

Woman hygiene products vary in consistency, form of release, pH and composition. They should be selected taking into account the condition of the skin, lifestyle and the preferences regarding the form of release.

·       Gel for intimate hygiene is the most common product. Transparent, moderately liquid, with little or no odor, physiological pH and mild surfactants - that's what a good gel should be. The best intimate hygiene gels contain moisturizing ingredients to prevent dryness and discomfort.

·       Soap for intimate hygiene can be solid or liquid. Its main disadvantage is the content of rather aggressive surfactants, which can cause irritation, redness and dryness of sensitive skin.

·       Cream for intimate hygiene acts gently, soothes irritations, does not dry out. Suitable for sensitive and dry skin.

·       Foams and mousses have a light and airy consistency, which provides a particularly delicate cleansing. Comfortable to use due to the foam dispenser.

·       Wet wipes are a great option for those who have an active lifestyle and are often on the road. They help freshen up during the working day to bring back a sense of comfort.

Some products can complement each other well, for example, foam and wet wipes. Pay attention to their purpose: are they suitable for daily use, on critical days or during pregnancy.

Woman hygiene products from NATURE.med®: gentle cleansing and care

The brand presents 2 products to maintain long-term cleanliness of intimate areas. The gel is suitable for daily use, the foam is for special periods in the life of women: on critical days, during treatment, during menopause, during pregnancy and lactation. Both products provide gentle cleansing without drying out. They have different pH values, which are most suitable for their purpose. The gel and foam are developed under the supervision of a gynecologist. Contains moisturizing and protective ingredients, as well as mild surfactants. You can order the product you like anywhere in Ukraine where there are post offices. When buying for the amount of 350 UAH - delivery at our expense.

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