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Many women and men are familiar with the problem of hair loss, while the hair is collected from combs, pillows and clothes. Unfortunately, for some people, this issue often becomes the subject of not just seasonal, but constant attention. Let us figure out which methods will help to quickly, comfortably and effectively give your hair density, shine, as well as silkiness.

What are the basic ways to deal with hair loss?

  1. intake of vitamins A, E, H and micro-elements such as selenium, zinc, silicon and iron;
  2. the use of natural oils, for example, castor and burdock oils;
  3. rinsing with herbal products with the use of sage, yarrow, horsetail, chamomile;
  4. rubbing the onion or garlic juice into the scalp;
  5. compresses with tincture of red pepper.

All of these methods, of course, have their effect. However, some of them scare the duration of the onset of the effect, others – the smell of onions...

Therefore, another sixth method for combating hair loss in our ranking is the use of NATURE.med® hair series.

The line is based on the natural properties of onions and garlic, known since ancient times, combined with vitamins, organic extracts and oils.

What are the benefits of the “Onion-Garlic Complex” due to which it is effective in struggle against hair loss?

1. NATURE.med® scientists were able to get Garlic Flavone® and ODOR-FREE onion extract, which retain all their beneficial properties for hair:

  • prevent loss;
  • stimulate growth;
  • deeply moisturize;
  • nourish;
  • restore;
  • protect.

2. Cosmetic products of the series include a combination of natural ingredients. The composition does not contain parabens and dyes, and the formulation of shampoos also excludes lauryl sulfate.

3. The products are suitable for daily use.

4. Not addictive.

Hair care can be started with shampoo against hair loss. Its Garlic Flavone® stimulate blood circulation in the scalp, onion extract helps to deliver nutrients, including vitamins B5 and PP, to the hair follicle itself. Thus, the shampoo cleanses and prepares the scalp for the perception of active substances that fight hair loss.

After washing, it is effective to use intensive balm against loss. The onion extract and garlic flavones contained in it improve the condition of the scalp, which allows you to restore the structure of the hair. Biologically active substances carry vitamins A and E into the skin, as well as argan oil, which help eliminate brittle hair.

With severe hair loss, it is worth applying serum once or twice a day to the roots and along the entire length against loss and to strengthen the hair. In it, onion extract and garlic flavones improve blood circulation of the scalp, improve the functioning of hair follicles. Burdock extract restores the structure of the hair and thickens it. The serum does not need to be washed off, and the effect of its use can be seen after the first applications.

To enhance the activity of hair follicles, the use of a hair growth activator roller will be especially effective. Pepper extract in the composition, combined with garlic flavones and odorless onion extract, stimulates blood circulation in the scalp. Thus, even the "dormant bulbs" are activated.

Soon your hair will be pleased with its density and shine. Try the Onion-Garlic Complex and become the object of the most luxurious compliments!

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