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Summer is the best time to show everyone your beauty. Tanned skin, open dresses... and “straw-like” hair! Indeed, not every hairstyle is able to withstand high temperatures daily and look spectacular.   The   secrets of luxuriously beautiful hair throughout the "hot" season are represented in this article.

Why does hair lose its attractiveness?

The sun, salty water, dry air and the warm sea breeze bring pleasure to us personally, but, alas, harm our hair. The hair also suffers, bearing a load of "summer consequences": hair loses its luster, silkiness, elasticity and smoothness.

Due to damage, the hair sheath ceases to fulfill its protective function, and this is what we see: a washcloth, not a thick shiny tail...

Therefore, in the hot season, many of us face common problems:

  • dryness;
  • thinning and dullness;
  • “sticking out” hair, brittle and split ends.

In attempts to restore the shine and silkiness of hair, we use a variety of strategies:

  1. we try home recipes, often getting unpredictable results;
  2. hide the hair under the hat, realizing that this is only a temporary method;
  3. We stand idle for hours in front of store shelves, trying to find our own life-saving tool.

How to help your hair in the summer?

1. To simplify hair care in the summer, you need to choose the right cosmetics for your hair, paying attention to natural recipes.

2. Also do not neglect hats, especially those women who have long hair, which is a subject of special pride. You can choose a headdress for both the general style and a certain outfit, for example, for a beach tunic.

3. So that the hair does not split and does not break, it is better not to be in the sun immediately after a shower or swimming in the sea. Wet hair attracts ultraviolet light, which destroys the hair follicles, and as a result, the hair begins to break and fall out severely.

An excellent solution for girls and women who want to restore and protect their hair is Ukrainian® cosmeceuticals, which includes an effective combination of natural ingredients. Onion-garlic complex products based on ODORLESS onion extract and Garlic Flavones® will help your hair become luxuriously beautiful, well-groomed, shiny and thick!

First of all, dry and damaged hair will benefit from shampoo for hair, as well as onion-garlic complex line balm with actively nourishing components.

Restoring, moisturizing and saturating with vitamins, products will give your hair softness, silkiness, shine and elasticity. They will additionally protect the hair, making it more attractive and easy to style. But this is so necessary for girls who love long hairstyles or light curls!

A mask for weakened hair with jojoba and thyme oils, as well as keratin, will perfectly cope with deep restoration, strengthening and nutrition, stimulation of growth.

It will also be useful to use a special spray that helps the hair maintain natural moisture even in the strongest sunshine. Here the serum against the loss of hair and helps to strengthen the hair “Onion-garlic complex” with burdock extract.

To defeat slow hair growth, a growth activator with pepper extract will come to the rescue.

Due to® natural cosmetics, your hair will look great – no matter what “+” the thermometer shows!

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