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Clean skin of the face and neck is not only the basis for a healthy appearance of a person, but also the key to a wonderful morning and a good night's sleep. To go to bed without washing away the makeup from the skin and even simply without washing the face is a bad and unhealthy habit. Since dust collects on the face during the day, sebum produced by sebaceous glands accumulates.

Proper skin care

  • be sure to remove makeup before sleep (then the pores will breathe and there will be no inflammation);
  • matting and absorption of oily sheen can be done using loose powder;
  • it is better to choose  foundation with a light and more liquid  texture.

Cosmetic products should be selected not only based on the popularity of the brand. It is desirable that most of the components in its composition are natural. For example, there is a good deep cleansing facial cleanser, in the recipe of which plant active substances are ginger, grapefruit and onion flavones. 

Also, when choosing skin care products, it’s advisable to study the reviews of bloggers specializing in cosmetics and cosmetologists who are able to evaluate new and already proven products that help to care for face and body skin.

Skin Care Steps

Proper skin care is based on the main steps of care:

  • cleansing,
  • toning,
  • hydration,
  • nutrition,
  • fighting against local rashes on the skin (if necessary).

It is better to tone the skin with alcohol-free products, in order not to dry the skin. You can dry and tighten the pores with natural preparations – blue and white clay, which are the components of the masks. A low fat matting cream is perfect for hydration. Zinc salicylic pastes and acne rollers help defeat acne.

Dermatologists say that it is necessary to wash the face with warm water, not hot and not cold. The water should be of room temperature that has the sparing effect to the skin. 

To wash your face with clean spring water – it would seem, there could not be anything better.  As it became known, ordinary water is not able to wash away the sebum produced by the glands from the skin. Therefore, for cleansing the face and neck, gel with granules that exfoliate, facial cleansing foam, as well as makeup remover – two-phase product and micellar water are the best decision. However, washing too often is also not good: the work of the sebaceous glands can   intensify due to this.

Why is washing with foam the most effective?

One of the most effective face care products after a long working day is NATURE.med® “PERFECTLY CLEAN FACE” cleansing facial washing foam. It fits for all skin types and gently and softly rinses makeup off the skin. Unlike gel and soap, the texture of the foam is ready to be applied onto the skin.

Foam for deep skin cleansing contains, among other natural ingredients, odorless onion flavones (Onion Flavones®). Flavones penetrate the deeper layers of the skin, saturating it with vitamins. NATURE.med® foam also removes the oily sheen of the skin using ginger in its recipe, and the active ingredients of the grapefruit deeply cleanse and help tighten pores. This combination of natural ingredients works to make your skin look healthy, clean and fresh. 

It is convenient and advantageous to opt for this tool in that the daily skin care procedure can be supplemented with the same effective and hypoallergenic agents from the Nature’s Solution series. The main component of this series is onion flavones, which transmit their healing power to the skin. When these cosmetic products are used simultaneously, they enhance each other's action. They act quickly, highly effectively and are economically consumed. 

So, after a good cleansing foam for washing helped remove makeup from your face, you can apply a cream onto your face. Depending on the skin type, it can be a cream for problematic skin prone to oiliness, inflammation and acne “Smooth face”, “Moisturized protected face” for dry and sensitive skin, “Moisturized protected face” for normal and combination skin.

Clean and well-groomed skin shines but not glows due to oiliness! 

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