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SET N.4: anti-age care 45+

The kit includes:

  • day intensively moisturizing anti-wrinkle cream with lifting effect
  • night nutritionally restoring wrinkle cream with lifting effect
  • BONUS – actively restoring cream around the eyes with a lifting effect

VOLUME: day cream – 50 ml, night cream – 50 ml, eye cream – 15 ml

230.00 UAH


The set in the gift box includes 3 products for correcting moderate age-related changes of the series “Timelessness”. One of them is BONUS – cream for the skin around the eyes. Purchasing the set, you pay for 2 anti-aging products, but you get 3! The kit contains full-size versions of the products.

To achieve the maximum effect, anti-aging products of the “Timelessness” series are recommended to be used in combination. They are based on the new active formula of odorless Onion Flavones® age control+. They have a complex effect:

deeply moisturize the skin;
smooth deep wrinkles;
stimulate cell regeneration;
contribute to an increase in the strength of collagen fibers;
give an instant lifting effect;
penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin, stimulating the production of its own collagen.

The formulation of each product is also complemented by other natural ingredients.

1. Intensive hydration and skin lofting with day cream.

Day cream intensively moisturizes the skin, providing the effect of deep wrinkle correction. It acts at the cellular level, strengthening the contour of the face and making it elastic. The light texture of the cream provides quick absorption and easy   application as a makeup base. Make your day beautiful with this cream!

Lipovitamins A and E, which are part of this cream, strengthen the face contour and give the skin elasticity. Red algae extract intensely refreshes and tones. Due to SPF-10, the cream protects the skin from the harmful effects of UV rays.

2. Intensive nutrition and skin lifting with night cream.

Night cream intensively nourishes and restores the skin, providing the effect of lifting and deep correction of wrinkles. It actively renews the skin at the cellular level, regenerates and gives skin elasticity. While you relax, this cream works to save the beauty, tone and elasticity of your skin!

Elastin in the cream has an active lifting effect and increases the elastic properties of the skin. And olive oil and ginkgo biloba extract intensively nourish and restore skin cells.

3. Fight against wrinkles and lift the skin around the eyes with a special cream.

Give the skin around the eyes freshness, radiance and tone with this cream! It intensely moisturizes and refreshes the skin around the eyes, reducing dark circles and puffiness. Penetrates into the deeper layers of the skin, acting at the cellular level. Tones and strengthens, smoothing wrinkles around the eyes and providing a lifting effect.

Elastin improves the elastic properties of the skin and provides a lifting effect. Lipovitamin A and caffeine reduce dark circles and swelling.

A gift set for correcting moderate age-related changes is 3 creams for prolonging youth at a price of 2!

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