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SET N.2: hair care

The set includes:

  • serum against hair loss and strengthening hair
  • intensive balm against hair loss
  • BONUS – shampoo against hair loss

VOLUME: serum – 100 ml, shampoo – 200 ml, balm – 200 ml

214.00 UAH


The set in a gift box includes 3 products to increase the density of hair of the series “Onion-garlic hair complex”. One of them is BONUS – shampoo. Purchasing the set, you pay for 2 hair products, but you get 3! The set contains full-size versions of the products.

To achieve the maximum effect, the products of the series “Onion-garlic hair complex” are recommended to be used in combination.

1. Cleansing hair with shampoo against hair loss.

Shampoo gently cleanses the hair and scalp, preparing for the perception of active substances that prevent hair loss.

Vitamins B5 and PP restore the structure of the hair and protect them from brittleness.
Odorless Garlic Flavones® stimulate blood circulation, moisturize and nourish the scalp.
Onion extract prevents hair loss, helping to deliver nutrients inside the hair follicles.

2. Restoring the structure of the hair and stimulating its growth with intensive balm.

The balm intensely nourishes, strengthens and restores the hair structure along the entire length, preventing loss and facilitating combing. It makes the hair soft, shiny, voluminous, preventing brittleness and split ends.

Argan oil, as well as vitamins A and E nourish, protecting the hair from damage, creating the effect of "thickening" of the hair.
Odorless Garlic Flavones® and onion extract prevent hair loss and help restore hair structure.
Thanks to the enrichment of Garlic Flavones® with silver, the hair becomes vibrant.

3. Strengthening and giving hair shine with serum.

The serum in the form of a spray will help give your hair shine, elasticity and strength for a luxurious shine of curls. Its active natural components affect the activity of hair follicles and the structure of hair from roots to ends.

Burdock extract restores damaged structure and increases the thickness of existing hair.
Odorless Garlic Flavones® normalize the condition of the scalp and prevent hair loss.
Onion extract nourishes, moisturizes and strengthens the hair roots, enhancing the activity of hair follicles.
Due to the enrichment of Garlic Flavones® with silver, the hair becomes vibrant.

Gift set for hair care is not only high-quality natural care, but also considerable savings!

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